The truth about Measure W

Measure W is a deception to trick you into surrendering your right to vote YES or NO on hundreds of millions in debt you would have to repay. It was put on the ballot by Town politicians to undermine Measure V, the Apple Valley Citizens Right to Vote on Debt Act, which gives residents a voice and protects their vote.

Measure W represents the kind of establishment politics that has voters on both sides of the aisle upset and distrustful of government.

A massive loophole gives politicians all the power

Measure W doesn’t change current law, which gives politicians the power to decide whether or not you get to vote. It was written by an expensive Sacramento political law firm and offers a right to vote with a massive loophole that actually takes your vote away.

Take a Closer Look at Measure W

When you read the fine print in Measure W, it’s clear the message is nothing more than restatement of current law. It’s a dishonest effort to fool voters into protecting the status quo, where government politicians, bureaucrats and private, for-profit law firms decide if they will borrow hundreds of millions of dollars and charge you expensive fees to repay bond debt.

Requirement of Measure W Current Law
Obtain voter approval to authorize the acquisition, financing or approval of projects issuing $5 million or more in public debt ALREADY ALLOWED BY LAW (Gov. Code sec. 54380)
Hold a public hearing ALREADY REQUIRED BY LAW (Gov. Code sec. 11120-11132 and sec. 54354.5)
Certifies the project’s revenues will cover debt payments LAW ALREADY REQUIRES CHARGES TO COVER DEBT PAYMENTS (Gov. Code sec. 54514 and 54354(d).)
Prohibits use of taxpayer dollars to repay debt ALREADY REQUIRED BY LAW (Gov. Code sec. 54384, 54420, 54428, 54430)
Conducts an annual independent audit ALREADY AUTHORIZED BY LAW (Gov. Code sec. 54523)

Measure W is Opposed by Taxpayer Watchdogs

Measure W does not provide any additional rights to voters or safeguards against wasteful government spending. That is why the Inland Empire Taxpayers Association opposes it.

So What Does Measure W Actually Do?

Measure W surrenders your right to vote on debt. Join your neighbors and vote NO.

Paid for by Apple Valley Citizens Right to Vote on Debt: Yes on V, No on W, sponsored and funded by Liberty Utilities (ID 1387994) PO Box 1721, Apple Valley, CA 92307

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