The measure of a man (October 11, 2016)

In last Sunday’s Opinion Section of the Daily Press, former Apple Valley Town Councilman Peter Allan provided the citizens of Apple Valley (and all other readers), with an extensive history of the upcoming Measure W and Measure V vote that would either allow the present Apple Valley Town Council to have their unilateral way in spending funds or restricting their runaway approach to spending on projects they believe are in the best interest of the Town.

And in his counsel, Mr. Allan strongly supports voting for Measure V and rejecting (the Town Council’s alternative A.K.A. free spending) Measure W in November.

And not be redundant (as I’ve written about my disapproval of Measure W and the present Town Council’s approach to spending), but please note, Mr. Allen was a member of the Town Council when necessary spending was under control, prudently and wisely done and priority spending (using money to keep fire stations manned and open) was at the forefront, as opposed to the present Town Council’s use of Jerry Brown’s spending playbook.

So thank you very much Councilman Peter Allan for stepping up and supporting what is right and in the best interest of the people of Apple Valley. Not only do I support Measure V, but I also support ousting two of the incumbent members of the Town Council whose names will appear on the November ballot, Art Bishop and Larry Cusack. As I wrote before, time to go boys!

Alex Varga, Apple Valley

Source: Daily Press

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