Measure of a man (November 2, 2016)

I was surprised to see Scott Nassif back at the Apple Valley Town Council meeting so soon after his heart surgery. I do wish him a full recovery.

I found myself wondering if Mr. Nassif didn’t give himself enough time to fully recover from his major surgery because I don’t believe he fully understood Measure V.

I believe his analogy of Measure V, during the Council’s discussion of Measures V and W, wasn’t correct.

He stated that if Measure V passed, the town wouldn’t be able to receive funds that may be issued because of a major disaster such as earthquakes or floods.

As I understand Measure V, it is to ensure the public gets to vote on bonds or other forms of public debt over $10 million that the town would want to spend. I don’t see any connection with this Measure V to any disaster relief funds issued by the state or federal government to the town for any major disasters.

We do need the right to say, OK or no way. We need to vote Yes on V.

Lawrence McCarthy, Apple Valley

Source: Daily Press

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