No on V, Yes on W (November 3, 2016)

I find it interesting that Liberty Utilities is pushing their Measure V as a means to hold Government and Politicians accountable. They are spending an unprecedented amount of money for the Victor Valley to market their Measure V to the voters of Apple Valley. They know if their measure passes and the town should decide to put a measure forward regarding debt, it would cost the taxpayers a substantial amount of money not to mention the time delays that would have an effect on grants and bond ratings. Given the amount of money Liberty Utilities is spending on this election, can you imagine how much they would spend in an effort to defeat a debt measure on their acquisition?

If Liberty Utilities supporters really what to hold big government accountable, they should go after the California Public Utilities Commission. They are the state government agency responsible for the out-of-control water rates and surcharges by Liberty Utilities in Apple Valley. Who holds Liberty accountable for drilling a multi million-dollar water well, then capping it to make sure the expense is included in the current rates base? Who holds Liberty accountable for how much debt they finance and the interest they pay? My Apple Valley store pays a Service Charge of $99.92 a month on top of our water rates and surcharges. We are told this is a Standby Fee for our fire sprinkler system. That’s an additional $1,200 per year. I only pay $6 a month at my Hesperia location and no extra fee for our Victorville location. Who holds Liberty accountable for those charges? Certainly not the CPUC.

We pay the CPUC thousands of dollars a month to regulate private water companies like Liberty Utilities. Who holds the CPUC accountable? Local control means you can vote for your representatives and be part of any investment and rate setting process for all town investments. You can’t vote for the board members of the CPUC, or Liberty Utilities leadership. Vote No on Measure V and Yes on Measure W if you want to bring local control and accountability to your water system.

Scott Nassif, Mayor Pro-Tem Town of Apple Valley

Source: Daily Press

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