TOAV lacks transparency (May 26, 2015)

I congratulate Mr. Rice, who has pointed out in the meetings the errors in the Town of Apple Valley evaluation done for the purpose of acquiring Ranchos Water. The high cost for a professional hired through a dubious process. The alleged RFP [Request For Proposal] process in November 2014 was all for show since Hayward, as shown in the agreement in August 2014, between Apple Valley and Missoula, was to be shared by the two entities. It was just another shady process by the Town that came out during the Missoula trial. Sadly, it was a logical thing to do, so why drag it through the mud?

The Town is again proposing this coming Tuesday to use the attorney for contracting environmental work, so the costs are paid through the attorney invoices as reimbursements, then the attorney claims his invoices to be attorney client privilege, consequently hiding the actual amount of public funds being spent. That was part of the suit I was forced to file this week against the Town, for their withholding information on the expenditure of pubic funds.

If the Town were TRANSPARENT they would not have to waste public funds on PR consultants for the water issue, having already used at least three for a cost of over $200,000 from the sewer fund. Guess that must be why sewer rates were increased.

Like your dog that meets you at the door when you come home, unless he was bad; the Town is not meeting the public at the door.

Source: Leane Lee, Apple Valley, Daily Press

Files related to the the Town’s transparency