TOAV response to two public records requests (July 25, 2019)

Good morning,

This email is in response to your Request for Copies of Public Records received by the Town of Apple Valley on July 24, 2019. Please be advised that we have combined the two separate requests [here and here] into one Public Records Request numbered 2019-292. Below will be in response to all items listed on both requests.

We are treating your request as a request for public agency information in accordance with California Government Code section 6250 and following the California Public Records Act, which requires that public agencies make reasonably identified, non-exempt public records available for inspection or provide copies upon payment of the direct cost of duplication.

All information we have regarding this request can be found on our website.

Transparency Report Presentation to Council 9-13-2016

Transparency Report 8/2016

We do not have any expenses related to the Blue Ribbon Water Committee or any transparency reports more current than what’s available on the site.

Thank you for your request,

Records Management
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