Liberty Utilities has finalized its acquisition of Western Water Holdings, the parent company of Apple Valley Ranchos. The company is a U.S. regulated water, natural gas, and electric transmission and distribution utility with operations in California and throughout the United States.

At a Glance: Liberty Utilities, Apple Valley

  • In January 2016, Liberty Utilities completed its acquisition of Apple Valley Ranchos as part of a larger purchase of Park Water Company. With the sale being finalized, the name of Apple Valley’s water company formally changed to Liberty Utilities, Apple Valley.
  • Liberty Utilities, Apple Valley, incorporated in 1947, is an investor owned utility providing quality drinking water to more than 65,000 people within 50 square miles of the Mojave River Basin. The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) directly regulates the utility operation.

  • Water quality standards are set and monitored by the California State Department of Public Health (DPH), the US Environmental Protection Agency, and the CPUC. The DPH has primary jurisdiction.

  • Investor owned utilities must meet the same high quality standards as municipalities or county water districts.

  • Liberty Utilities, Apple Valley is a member agency of the Mojave Water Agency (MWA), which purchases imported water from the San Joaquin Sacramento Delta through the State Water Project to replenish the pumped groundwater.

  • Liberty Utilities, Apple Valley currently has 24 active wells, 4 booster pump stations and 11 storage tanks providing water to 20,000 service connections serving approximately 65,000 people.

  • Liberty Utilities, Apple Valley has a comprehensive emergency preparedness plan that is rehearsed on a regular basis.

  • Currently, conservation programs include residential rebates, turf removal (“Cash for Grass”) and ongoing partnerships with Southern California Edison, Mojave Water Agency and Alliance for Water Awareness and Conservation (AWAC).

  • As an investor-owned regulated water utility company engaged in the collection, storage, distribution, and sale of water to customers, Liberty Utilities, Apple Valley’s operations are regulated by the State of California Public Utilities Commission(CPUC). In addition, Liberty Utilities, Apple Valley holds valid permits to serve water from the State of California Board of Health.

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