Apple Valley’s Town Council Transparency Report … It Raises More Questions Than It Answers!

The Town government’s “Transparency Report”should be a shock to any taxpayer and raises more questions than it answers. This reckless spending only reinforces the widely held view that a takeover by the town will result in higher rates, higher taxes and fees for all citizens. At best, one might conclude that the $3.2 million budget is a very expensive attack on a private business and more than $1.4 million has been directly or indirectly spent to perpetuate a campaign of misinformation to mislead voters.

To read the full report, please click here.

Liberty Utilities, Apple Valley’s Annual Report

Transparent, comprehensive and public information about Liberty Utilities, Apple Valley is a hallmark of a regulated utility. Information about the operation, management, rates and investments are publicly available at the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC).

Pursuant to the provisions of Sections 581, 582 and 584 of the California Public Utilities Code, every utility under the regulation of the CPUC must submit an annual report that includes a comprehensive summary of the company’s activities financial performance throughout the preceding year.