Another CYA testimonial (September 21, 2016)

Wednesday’s letter from Apple Valley Town Councilmember Curt Emick is no surprise (Supports Marc Puckett, Daily Press, September 21, 2016). After all, what else an he say?

Mr. Emick has signed off on every defective and deficient statement and report coming out of Mr. Puckett’s office. Each time Mr. Puckett has risen in council chambers to lie and attack residents of Apple Valley, Mr. Emick sat there passively with neither question nor admonishment, interrupting his reverie only to commend Mr. Puckett.* As one of Mr. Puckett’s conspirators, Mr. Emick must either throw him to the wolves or back him to the hilt.

And oh! There’s that wonderful award Mr. Puckett won! Did it ever occur to Mr. Emick to check the provenance of that award? He should have, because Mr. Puckett received a similar award for his work in Flint, MI, barely a year before leaving town one step ahead of the lynch squad.

With even the bare minimum of due diligence, Mr. Emick would discover that an investigation into Mr. Puckett’s work history is neither vicious nor an attack on his character, but rather just plain common sense. To all appearances, Apple Valley is having serious financial issues, and the person most responsible has an astonishingly bad record at other cities where he previously worked.

Clearly, though, given that Mr. Emick is comfortable as councilmember in a town lead by the financial wizard of Eastpointe, Flint, and Costa Mesa, and advised by the legal team from Bell, CA, due diligence is not a high priority.

And as for the interests of those questioning Mr. Puckett’s competence, they include freedom, free markets, and limited government. Too bad Mr. Emick does not share these interests. Our town would be much better off if someone in Town Hall still believed in the principles that made our country great.

Greg Raven is Co-Chair of Apple Valley Citizens for Government Accountability, and is concerned about quality of life issues.

* It’s pretty sad that Mr. Emick gets all excited when volunteers offer to help mitigate a scandal at the Town’s animal shelter — an entity that should not even exist, which is run by a person who should not even be working for the Town — but has nothing but scorn for concerned citizens who are trying to help avoid a future financial catastrophe.