One more reason to oppose a takeover (July 28, 2016)

Since the Town of Apple Valley became serious about seizing our privately-held water system in late 2014, persons such as myself have opposed any such action based on ideological reasons, fiscal reasons, financial reasons, the Town’s miserable history with water systems, the Town’s deliberate attempts to hide what it’s doing, Liberty Utilities’ (formerly Apple Valley Ranchos Water Company) exemplary record and transparency, etc., etc. As germane as these points have been, some of them require a bit of mental effort to understand, and there are still some who refuse to put themselves out (including the current Town Council and staff).

Now, a gentleman by the name of Kerry Henard has taken up his camera to show us in dozens of bite-sized YouTube videos why Town control of our water system would be a complete and utter disaster: The Town can’t even take care of our existing facilities.

From potentially lethal electrical issues to public safety issues to sidewalk safety issues to massive water misuse to ADA non-compliance to a myriad of child safety issues to mass dumping to weed control to simple maintenance fails, Henard presents a graphic and undeniable picture of a Town management that is wasteful, incompetent, and uncaring.

Lest you think the issues found by Henard are outlying cases, he revisits locations to show that even though somebody at Town Hall is aware of his videos, they bungle in attempting to address the issues he has revealed.

Although Henard makes it clear, it bears repeating: No water system would long survive operation at the hands of the Town of Apple Valley. These videos are proof of that.

In one respect, Henard’s videos represent just another reason to oppose the Town’s hostile takeover of Liberty Utilities, but they may represent the most important reason of all.

Greg Raven is Co-Chair of Apple Valley Citizens for Government Accountability, and is concerned about quality of life issues.

Videos by Kerry Henard