Most California residents get water from town run systems

Several speakers and writers of letters to the editor question whether a town can operate a water system. Their remarks make it seems as if it is unusual for a local government to own and operate a system that delivers water to the citizens. They act as if it has never happened before and government could never operate anything as complex as a water system.

Would it surprise you to know that five out of six residents in California get their water from a water systems that is operated by the local city or town?

This information comes from the California Water Association website. They compare themselves to municipal water systems.

•Investor-owned water companies have many similarities with their municipal counterparts. For example, all water providers • whether investor-owned or municipal • have comparable water supply sources and they manager their supply portfolios similarly.•

It is not unusual for a town to operate its water system. And it•s hard to understand why people would act like it is such a shocking action.