Appraisal Summary Statement

The following is an excerpt from the appraisal report provided to The Town of Apple Valley by an independent appraiser.


The fair market value for the property proposed to be acquired is based upon an appraisal prepared in accordance with generally accepted appraisal principles and methodologies.

DATE OF VALUATION: The fair market value of the property was estimated as of March 24, 2015.
Apple Valley Ranchos Water System
Estimated Rate Base as of March 24, 2015

Description Rate Base ($)
Net Plant in Service 86,491,033
Materials & Supplies 363,850
Cash Working Capital 2,267,680
Deferred Taxes and Tax Credits -12,174,055
Construction Work in Progress 569,952
Contributions in Aid of Construction -2,246,671
Customer Advances -29,008,109
Total Rate Base $46,263,680