Important Driving Range News (February 3, 2021)

The poles on the driving range have rotted and deteriorated to a point they pose a danger of collapsing, according to a risk management expert from the Town of Apple Valley. The Town is in fear of injuries should a pole or poles come down at any given moment. Unfortunately the driving range must be closed and the poles and netting be removed immediately for safety reasons. Please note this is NOT a signal that the golf course is closing. Sierra Golf Management, SGM, is following direction solely from the Town. SGM asked town officials if this was a preempt to the golf course closing and the Town confirmed it is not. The Town is simply not in a financial position to replace the poles and the deteriorated net that were installed in 1995. The driving range needs net to operate safely, and even now players hit some balls over the net and into the 11th fairway. Anaternative is Asking everyone to only hit to a maximum yardage of say 150 yards is not realistic. It will only take one person to ignore direction and hit injure someone to instigate a costly damages and subsequent lawsuit for not providing a reasonably safe environment.

We all realize that this is disappointing news. Hopefully when times are better we can all enjoy an updated practice area. PLAY ON!