Council approves new two wells (September 7, 2023)

Bullhead City — City Council approved a $2.3 million construction contract Tuesday night to build two new wells in Bullhead City, waiving the competitive bidding process.

Utilities Director Mark Clark said he had a good reason for waiving the bidden process, giving the $2,334,586.10 contract to Yellow Jacket Drilling Services of Phoenix.


Yellow Jacket also conducted the well site testing for the project earlier in the year.


One of the two new wells will replace the current well 24-1, which is failing.

It’s so far gone that we can’t repair this well at this time, Clark said. The screen is almost completely blocked … the inside of the well looks like melted candle wax, and then the spires that hold all of this screening together, they’re folding into the well.

Clark said the well needed to replaced [sic] as soon as possible.


Source: Fred Mayson, Mohave Valley Daily News,