City reports progress on well repairs (March 16, 2023)

BULLHEAD CITY — Officials say Water Utilities has made significant progress in supplying water to customers in the Laughlin Ranch and Desert Foothills neighborhoods in addition to progress repairing two wells that service the area.

We’re confident we’re supplying enough water for the 2,900 affected customers to sustain the system until the wells are fixed, said Utilities Director Mark Clark. We’re hauling a little more than 8,000 gallons of water per hour into the water system with our potable water truck and the running well in the area is producing 400 gallons a minute non-stop.

The city’s overnight efforts to produce water allowed the system to replenish supply and pressure. The water storage tank that pressurizes and supplies the affected customers is currently at 30% capacity, a significant improvement over its lowest point the previous evening.

We are still asking customers to continue conserving water, Clark said. Our supply is more than sufficient to service everyone’s basic water needs, including showers and flushing toilets. He added, The City continues to stress conservation including not irrigating landscaping or filling pools.

The city estimates that the two wells will be restored over the weekend, once it receives over 900 feet of cable that is necessary for the repairs.

We have the motors and the pumps ready to go, Clark said. We’re waiting on new cable that feeds power to the submersible pump. The older cable is damaged, and this specialty wire cannot be sourced locally.

Source: Mohave Valley Daily News