‘A government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take away everything you have.’ (October 25, 2015)

AVRWC - Apple Valley Ranchos Water Company

These words were coined by a patriot, President, and signer of the Declaration of Independence (Thomas Jefferson). These words should be a voice or caution to anyone thinking about the Apple Valley Town government’s efforts to take over and control a private business that has served this community and all its citizens well since 1946.

Why does the Town want to control Ranchos?

Lower rates? Well no. The Town government has already said publlcly they can’t lower rates and would need the current rate increase to acquire Ranchos. Voters need to know the Town government has actively participated in the Ranchos’ nearly two-year, public and transparent regulatory process on Ranchos’ rates for water service.

Better service? Actually the Town govemment has repeatedly and publlcly acknowledged the excellent service Ranchos provides.

Transparency? It was only after much prodding by concerned citizens that the Town government revealed they already spent $1.4 million to take owr Ranchos with plans to spend at least $3 million more. Yet the Town still can’t tell citizens how much it will ultimately cost this community after a long, costly, and divisive takeover attempt.

Support for a takeover or Ranchos? The Town government says it has overwhelming support but continues to spend taxpayer dollars on expensive, misguided newspaper, radio, and now cable TV ads likely produced by high-priced PR consultants and approved by lawyers billing by the hour.

In their zeal to serve the public, governments often think bigger is better. Many voters in Apple Valley probably think otherwise. Hopefully our Town government will stop wasting money and let the voters decide Instead or attempting to make the choice for them.

This unnecessary, costly takeover attempt of Ranchos by the Town government is nothing more than government serving Itself and it is dividing the community in name of bigger government. Let’s end this.

Say No to bigger government and tell our Town Council to stop wasting precious tax dollars.


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