Letter: Insanity (November 20, 2017)

Just curious how many people in Hesperia are aware of the water rate increase that will be voted on at the council meeting of Nov 21? Everyone I talked to said they knew nothing of it. Why can’t the city of Hesperia do a better job of informing homeowners and give us more time?

Did anyone else read Assemblyman Jay Obernoltes’ column on Nov. 5 about Sacramento being a little less than truthful about their promises with our money? The new gas tax that was promised to be used to fix our roads, 30 percent of it going into the state’s general fund to be used for whatever. Or the cigarette tax that was supposed to go to health care. Gov. Brown tried at first to put all of it in the state’s general fund until he was forced to use at least half for what was promised.

My point is this. How do these people keep getting elected? Do the citizens of California have a clue to what’s happening? Or is this just behavior that we now accept with our politicians?

Forget about our national problems for a moment and think about our local problems. I am curious of others opinions on this and if anyone believes it will get any better. If so, why?

Joe Langley, Hesperia

Source: Daily Press