Fooled again (May 5, 2017)

Re: Support of Measure F … There is another adage: “Figures don’t lie, but liars do figure.” Those of us opposed to Measure F are not idiots, and understand full well the result of allowing our Town Council to encumber us (citizens) to a $150 million (or more) debt to purchase Liberty H2O, with no reduction in our cost of water, and no guarantee water will not cost more.

In my opinion, Liberty is obligated to spend money to “save” its company from a hostile take over of its business by The Town of Apple Valley, whereas the Town of Apple Valley is spending money on a gamble it can little afford with a questionable guarantee of being successful. That is one of the reasons why many of us are opposed to and will vote no on Measure F. Everything considered, I doubt very seriously that the Town of Apple Valley can operate the water company more efficiently than does Liberty.

Should water income fail to cover the cost of the bond payments, the shortfall will be paid by all of us, Liberty customers as well as customers of other water providers, as will also the legal costs spent to date (and in the future) on this crap shoot to acquire Liberty by eminent domain.

We have an existing taxpaying entity, Liberty, employing taxpaying employees, at salaries that are well below equivalent government employees, earning much lower employee benefits and that is to be replaced by an entity run by government? Give me a break! The Town of Apple Valley, just as do all other government agencies, has multi millions of dollars of unfunded liabilities that at some point in time the voters will be expected to pay. We don’t need to add another $150 million to that liability.

Shame on us if we approve funding this government initiated attempted takeover of a private, taxpaying business.

I recommend the voters of Apple Valley vote NO on Measure F.

Lee Bell, Apple Valley

Source: Daily Press