Reclaim our water; vote yes on Measure F (April 27, 2017)


Liberty Utilities pays almost $4 million of Apple Valley ratepayers’ money back to the state each year in the form of this tax. Remember Liberty’s claim that it would freeze rates? Well, it is my understanding that they have quietly sent in a request for a 1 percent increase. That will generate about half a million dollars, which is very close to what Liberty spent on Measure V. So you and I are going to pay for the cost of the election after all, and they are going to send onto the state in corporate income taxes 8.85 percent of that increase. Therefore, the state manages to get around Proposition 13 each and every time a rate increase is approved.

It is time to take back our water! Yes, the water that is right under our homes! Liberty doesn’t make our water, they have been given the exclusive right to deliver it to our homes. They must pay dividends to their stockholders at Algonquin Utilities in Canada. They employ executives, lawyers, writers and two big PR firms. They are big business and they are holding hostage our most precious resource.

Isn’t it time that we reclaimed our water? We can begin that process by showing our overwhelming support by voting YES on Measure F on June 6. Each time another glossy pro-Liberty flier comes to your house, a paid walker knocks on your door, a paid lawyer or writer submits a letter to the editor telling you how bad it would be for the town to take over the water company, remember that what they are really saying is that they do not want you and me to have control over the resource that is most essential to live.

Rick Piercy is an Apple Valley resident and former founder, president and CEO of the Lewis Center for Educational Research. He also is a member of the Citizens for Water Freedom, Yes on Measure F group.

Source: Daily Press