Negative letters have a purpose (April 19, 2017)

We see the same three or four letter writers rehashing every negative rumor, headline, and story about Apple Valley Town government in these pages weekly. One could assume this is a campaign to convince and distract water using voters from the plain fact that we are being taken advantage of by our current water provider.

This constant drumbeat of negative propaganda fed to us is in preparation for the next multi-million dollar Liberty Utilities campaign to tell us all how great it is to send our money to a foreign-owned global energy company, and how bad it would be to have our own elected representatives make the decisions we elect them to make without a thought to profit.

Can we see an investigative story on where these naysayers get their information and funding for websites, Constant Contact email program, ads and promotional material? I guess the Town can’t rely on compensated minions to write positive letters because that would violate the law, right?

Apple Valley is a great little town (see Best of the Desert rankings regarding parks, golf course and best city) that is run well by a governing Council that is trusted by the majority.

Joan Walters, Apple Valley

Source: Daily Press /