Who/what will remain? (April 9, 2017)

The Town of Apple Valley is in an emptying process; several have gone or going! Mayor Nassif said he may not run in 2018 and Councilman Cusack has wisely recused himself from the water takeover issue. Next year, the voting by district is expected to remove one of the current councilmembers. Tom Rice has been acknowledged as town attorney so when is John Brown’s final day? How long will any of the assistant town managers be employed and what will they do since the General Fund is already completely allocated and the cost allocations insufficient? More millions in transfers?

The resident taxpayers may awaken to discover and find that their vision of what they could have done has been already used for numerous debt obligations placed on their children’s lives and civic center is at minimum staffing. Any spin on economic development growth projections expectations soon? Maybe local folks will learn of the years of hidden discussions behind closed doors and the important non-transparent records. The forthcoming budget will be quite revealing for those paying attention. Who is going next? What could have been had if more individuals became more involved?

It is considered to be a bad joke to use one person’s so-called appraisal at a cost of $200,000+ with the inclusion of an arbitrary 10 percent discount to achieve their $50.3 million fair market value, another who expressed a $88.7 million number while advocating a $150 million bond figure which has a total cost of $300+ million for 30 years. Numbers without merit? And that is the facts!

Al Rice, Apple Valley

Source: Daily Press