LTE comment (March 22, 2017)

Pat Hanson and Richard Rorex know that the Town of Apple Valley is in trouble. I knew it and left to live elsewhere. It appears Town Manager Frank Robinson also knows and decided (yes, I read the official reason for moving back to Texas, but he announced his decision before the special meeting — take that to the bank) to leave before the proverbial excrement hits the fan. Many previously believed, including me, that Robinson was the person who pushed to take Liberty Utilities but he only insisted in annual budget presentations that in order to pay all the hired help, the town would need to increase its revenues. Who is actually pushing this eminent domain? The guy who once notified that Robinson was leaving last week, hastily called for a special meeting while he was still in Florida! Mayor Scott Nassif is the band leader. He needs to be removed from office, but you all waited too long. He will bankrupt the town first.

David John Mueller

Source: Daily Press (online comments section)