Who do they serve? (October 28, 2016)

Larry Cusack says the decision to raise taxes belongs to the taxpayers, yet he supports Measure W (Daily Press, 10-17-16), which does not guarantee Apple Valley taxpayers the right to vote on the town’s acquisition of Liberty Utilities (which will incur untold millions of dollars in debt).

Why is this acquisition so important to the Apple Valley Town Council that they do not want the people of Apple Valley to have a voice in the process? Whose interests are being served here that are more important to the Council than the interests of the residents of Apple Valley?

The very fact the Council refuses to let the people vote on this issue raises serious questions in my mind as to the legitimacy and propriety of the basic transaction and the Council’s interest in representing the very people who elected them.

The Council owes us an explanation. Absent a valid explanation it’s time to elect new Council members who will represent the interests of the people. Remember, election day is just around the corner.

Dean Schepis, Apple Valley

Source: Daily Press