Puckett a scapegoat (October 7, 2016)

Response to One Man, Two Opinions and some erroneous conclusions … In Wednesday’s Opinion Section of the Daily Press and some other recent comments and conclusions about Apple Valley Finance Director Marc Puckett, some have suggested that Mr. Puckett must be guilty of something because he was previously the Finance Director in Flint, Michigan, where obvious huge errors in judgment were made, leading to an unprecedented water crisis.

That obvious conclusion was reached using the assumption known as guilt by association. Others, Town Councilmembers and the Town Manager, have come to Puckett’s aid by stating simply that he has done his job well and is a valued employee.

And let me be absolutely clear, I am not here to defend Mr Puckett because I don’t know him, have never met him and have not followed his work product.

But let’s be clear about one thing that is fact. Mr. Puckett, as finance director, does not make decisions how money in the Town’s banks accounts is spent. That dubious duty lies in the hands of either the Town Manager or the Town Council. Puckett manages the funds, pays the bills and oversees the issuance of funds, not the decisions to spend them.

And I noted that in today’s Daily Press Opinion section, a letter writer stated that the Town of Apple Valley has dipped into its reserves every year for the last five years. Well folks, then you’d best talk to or look at the Town Manager or the Town Council and ask them what they are doing.

More importantly, don’t make Mr. Puckett the scapegoat for what his bosses do. And remember those individuals when you vote in November. From what I’ve seen of this existing Council, it’s time for new blood and change!

Alex Varga, Apple Valley

Source: Daily Press