9/11 winners and losers (September 21, 2016)

I went to the Apple Valley 9/11 memorial on Saturday 9⁄10 and all I can say is what a shameful display of the politicization of the sacrifice of our 9/11 heroes.

First of all, allow me to say that these men who gave their lives to save lives are heroes in every sense of the word, but to parade on their graves for a moment of dramatization to show oneself placing a flag into the ground for propaganda and show is beyond pathetic for those Councilmen involved.

I am proud of the first responders who placed the lives of those to be rescued above their own desires, hopes and dreams. Can this same thing be said of the Apple Valley Council who used the guise of eminent domain to acquire the Apple Valley Golf Course, are vying for the rights currently held by Liberty Utilities, and without even paying off any past debt of acquisition have their eyes set on Apple Valley’s electrical power grid?

If anything, Apple Valley Council cares more for padding their own pockets above the lives of the Apple Valley residents.


Algot Stephenson, Apple Valley

Source: Daily Press