Town Hall wonders (September 11, 2016)

Recently recorded the Charles Abbott contractors discussing their unique idea for engineering a Round-a-Bout for Yucca Loma and Rincon and other intersections. I really wonder if this process isn’t a conflict of self-interest in order to continue a 26-year contracting work for TOAV?

Contract employee Brad Miller’s staff report re: upgraded bike paths engineering may reflect that they are sucking on a straw without much left in the container as backlog future work. What are the Town’s priorities and how does all this come about — bike paths, sidewalks or public safety/security, or even fences?

There is no Abbott warrant check in the July schedule — is this financial manipulation for some reason of the monthly payment for the ten or so Abbott contractors or to hide the monthly cost at this time or was a hidden wire transfer made or is there a real TOAV cash-flow problem?

Town’s budget for 2016-17 resulted again in projected expenditures exceeding revenues by over $7.5 million. This situation makes an individual stop and say, I wonder!

Town staff are putting up and taking down fences around properties and the mayor said she would bring back to Council a revised fence ordinance — where is it and any consensus on property fences in our hood in the priorities?

Who has paid Harbor Freight for late payment finance charges — TOAV does, just like they did with Lowe’s?

This warrant check payment is real and unbelievable folks! Wonder what happened to the free counter gift that may have been received? Whose money is this and who is accountable for it? Even Bank of America has announced financial cutbacks coming in the current economy.

— Al Rice, Apple Valley

Source: Daily Press