Stolen water and public trust (June 15, 2016)

I am disappointed with the Daily Press reporting on the Town of Apple Valley stealing water from Liberty Utilities. Maybe due to youth the reporter did not understand the public safety issue, but should have checked it out further and clarified, because Mr. Penna’s comments did not escape my attention.

There was obviously some kind of issue related to the backflow. That is the device that prevents untreated water (not fit for human consumption), in the golf course system from flowing into Liberty’s treated water (fit for human consumption), and tainting water flowing through Liberty’s system to the consumers. The Town stole more than water, they stole the public’s trust. This is no less egregious than what happened in Flint, Michigan.

Just another example of the Town’s arrogance and repeated disregard for the laws they seem to think they are above, and the lack of regard to compliance when it comes to our town government. They are clearly not qualified to run a water company or we will have another Flint situation here.

Where are the higher authorities (county, state, and federal), who should be protecting us from our own local government? Too busy campaigning? What say you Messers Lovingood, Obernolte, and Cook? Can you protect us from our Town Council and highly compensated staff?

— Leane Lee, Apple Valley

Source: Daily Press