Notice of violations (May 30, 2016)

To: Jay Obernolte, Supervisor Robert Lovingood, [email protected], [email protected], Janiene Friend, Brian Abeel, [email protected]

The link above are video tapes of a number of violations by the Town of Apple Valley at various public facilities (parks, pool, Horseman Center and Civic Center). Violations range from disposal of raw sewage on the ground, electrical code hazards, and generally an overall lack of maintenance, such as 3 of the 4 earthquake safety flanges on a water tank are missing, and including the lack of sprinkler maintenance at the golf course where water is wasted immediately following a significant rain and sprinklers just making puddles on the course, and drip systems broken and watering nothing, watering where trees are no longer.

Our local paper has been sitting on this issue since about May 25th, but since the Editor’s wife receives consulting fees from the town I have doubts whether they will expose the issues.

There are no email addresses for county offices.

The gentleman who took the videos (Kerry Henard), spoke with the Town Manager, Asst. Town Mgr. and head of Code Enforcement years ago about some of these issues and was told to mind his own business. Where are citizens suppose to turn for correction of such problems impacting public safety when their own town government is the violator? Are we suppose to wait for serious injury or death for something to be done?

Please help before there is a tragedy. This is nothing less than criminal on the part of our local town government and they need to be cited to stop future and ongoing violations. Thank you for your assistance.

I do not wish to hear from the town; from the Council down through staff they are rude and dismissive of residents, and verbally attack when they are confronted with issues, and deceptive in their responses.

Leane Lee, Apple Valley, CA 92308