Vote ’em out (January 7, 2015)

The simpler way to stop the hemorrhaging of tax dollars by passing a bond issue, or allowing the existing slow bleeding we are now experiencing, let’s just encourage a couple of candidates to (defeat) a couple of the present Apple Valley Town Council members at the next election for Town Council.

There is little chance this boondoggle (take over of Apple Valley Ranchos Water Company) will be accomplished prior to the next Town Council member election.

Hopefully we can replace two present Council members with two members willing to buck the clique presently recklessly spending tax money against the wishes of many of the rest of us, with no sure expectation of success, and no chance of lower water rates, and less expectation of better water management, better water service or lower taxes.

If successful, and two are replaced, should nothing change, we can take on the other three members next time.

—Lee Bell Apple Valley

Source: Daily Press