Water takeover (October 25, 2015)

Apple Valley residents need to be reminded that the elected officials are using their power to take over the Apple Valley Ranchos Water Company without the approval of the voters. We all know that just because we can do something does not mean that we should. The Council is using every trick it can to make people think it is right in what it is doing.

If you attend the Council meetings and read the editorial page of the Victor Valley Daily Press you will find that there are many more who oppose this takeover as there are those who support the takeover.

Since living in Apple Valley I have consistently attended Council meetings and know that there was not always a complete 5-0 vote on issues. It seems that the current members of the Council consistently vote unanimously so that there might be a question as to where the integrity of each of the members belongs … to the desires of the community or to the desires of the Council members.

Since the Council was voted into office by the residents it would be good for them to realize that they can as easily be voted out of office. This reminder should be in the forefront of each of the unanimous votes cast each meeting.

Residents of Apple Valley make note that the Town Council of Apple Valley has your bank account at its disposal. How do you want the funds spent?

Charles and Patricia Hanson, Apple Valley

Source: Daily Press