Selling their souls (August 31, 2015)

Re: Apple Valley Town Cuncil vs. Apple Valley Ranchos … The Town of Apple Valley wants Apple Valley Ranchos Water Company so bad they will sell their souls to obtain it.

The Town had a poll which was a big joke and they believe the results. They stacked the deck against the water company and, lo and behold, they get the results they desired.

We have attended Council meetings and seen the citizens who oppose the takeover by a large margin. They far outnumber the citizens who agree that the town should own the water rights. During the time allotted for public comments the ones who oppose the takeover are held to a three-minute time frame when those who support the takeover are often allowed more than the maximum three minutes.

More than once the question of asking for a public election on this issue has been suggested by local citizens. This approach has been met with deadly silence on the part of the Council. It appears that all members of this Council had their minds made up before anyone had been allowed to voice an opinion either for or against the issue. They turn a deaf ear to any suggestions of impropriety and continue to declare that they will proceed with or without the approval of the residents.

When the report of the town to the community was presented it was done in such a way as to confuse and mock the ones who ask questions. The only response by Council members was to ask why so much of the records regarding costs were requested. There was no question as to why there was such a large amount of dollars already spent (more than one million) and they suggested that the request for information by the residents of the town was uncalled for even though they claim transparency.

As long as our Council members act like dictators and do not listen to the will of the people there will be a long, expensive road ahead.

Source: Chuck and Pat Hanson, Apple Valley, Daily Press