Letter: Potable water, portable funds? (August 14, 2015)

Re: Scott Nassif’s commentary ‘Separating fact from fiction in Apple Valley’ in the Opinion section, Aug. 9 … He explained the formation of the dissolved former Apple Valley Water District, then went on to say the Town now has Dennis Cron. At the 7-14-15 Council meeting, I pointed out to the Council that at the 6-23-15 Council meeting, Dennis Cron while talking about potable water (drinkable water) kept referring to it as portable water. I am troubled by the fact that anyone with a background in water distribution doesn’t understand the term potable water.

At the risk of sounding confluent, I would like ask why the Apple Valley Council voted to raise the sewer rates, then the Town transferred $7 million dollars from the Sewer Fund into the General Fund?

— Lawrence McCarthy, Apple Valley

Source: Daily Press