Letter: Water surface drill (June 28, 2015)

Reporter Gary Brodeur reported on the Town of Apple Valley Water Conservation Plan, which did not penetrate the surface for critical coverage of the subject. We should drill down. Ask someone who is smarter than a fifth-grader and they will tell that an acre is equal to 43,560 square feet. The Town of Apple Valley is taking out several areas of turf in the many acres of grass in 15 parks, the Apple Valley Golf Course and the turf area for the Brewster Water Treatment Facility footprint.

Wow, is this even an acre total? What is their total landscaping acreage? They did not report any facts of gallons/acre-feet currently used, but invoice reports are paid and filed (hidden) away with financials. Does the Town have any additional planned efforts going forward if they don’t meet their 28 percent (higher than the state’s 25 percent) mandated reduction requirement as the greatest, perhaps No. 1 user of Ranchos Water? What is the goal to accomplish?

Do they attempt to understand Pat Orr’s reported suggestion to use barrels to capture cold (grey) water from showers, etc. and reuse? The Town proposes to continue to mulch (brown?) grass clippings produced by (from) the new $82K mower every day. They do not see the mountains of green waste almost free available locally, which is commonly known to be applied as an amendment to help in moisture retention. As dead plant material increases, more green waste will be processed, but where is the Town participating in efforts to recycle or support the community involvement and continue to sponsor workshops applicable to water reduction methods?

Is the PR campaign ready for any headlines regarding fines being imposed on our Town and its leaders?

Al Rice, Apple Valley, Daily Press