TOAV stoops low and shows their true agenda at the last meeting (June 14, 2015)

Assistant Town Manager/City Treasurer Marc Puckett made a childish and feeble attempt to disparage me by suggesting I was employed by the Apple Valley Ranchos Water Company. If only that were true, I would take pride in it.

Alas, it sounds as if there is some resentment of private sector employment, and if one does not like the public scrutiny, should re-think their career choice. In the mean time the public has a right to see the correct and accurate accounting of the expenditure of public funds. Oh, things like, warrants on an agenda that aren’t 60 days old, or more, warrant registers that list all payments made, and not discriminately combining some to hide their true nature. Such defensive actions suggest the public has gotten too close for comfort.

Councilwoman Stanton shed further light on the issues, with a chastising attack on the heels of Mr. Puckett, directed at the public, whom she suggested had some other agenda, which was not the Town’s agenda. It is troubling that an elected official does not have the same agenda as those of the public who are concerned about the spending of public funds, for that should be priority one for those who are supposed to represent the public. As Shakespeare would say, The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

Of this much I am certain, the CPUC would not act toward the public in the above manner during a rate setting process. There is good cause to doubt, if the Town were to takeover the water company, they would be more transparent in rate setting than they are on the budget, and likely with the same demonstrated contempt for the public.

— Leane Lee, Apple Valley