24 percent water rate hike approved for East Bay (June 9, 2015)

East Bay residents will see an average 24 percent hike in their water bills, starting next month, after the East Bay Municipal Utility District on Tuesday approved a bump in rates, largely to make up for revenue lost during the drought.

The agency, which expects to generate $1.8 billion for operations over the next two years, has brought in less money recently as customers cut back their water use amid the statewide call for conservation.

At its meeting Tuesday, the agency’s governing board unanimously approved a temporary 25 percent drought surcharge on the metered portion of the bill to cover expected losses, as well as a long-planned permanent rate hike of 8 percent, on average, across the whole bill, to replace aging infrastructure and pay down debt on water projects.

The typical household, using 246 gallons of water per day, will see its monthly bill rise a little less than $12 — to $60, according to the agency.

EBMUD provides drinking water to about 1.3 million people in Alameda and Contra Costa counties.

Source: Kurtis Alexander, San Francisco Chronicle