Letter: AVRWC Water (March 29, 2015)


That aside, the main point of my letter is the issue of the town of Apple Valley purchasing Ranchos Water. It appears to be somewhat of a toss-up. Our family has resided in Apple Valley since 1977. In balance, Apple Ranchos Water Company has performed well. Their rates have been fair, the system is well-maintained, and the company has been reliable including contracts and jobs.

Though the town of Apple Valley has performed very well since incorporation, the Town’s purchase of the company is questionable with too many unknowns.

What is known is that too many municipalities that have taken over water companies have been abject failures. At this point I would say no to such a deal.

Regardless, before the Town moves ahead with it, property-owning consumers should be allowed to vote on a matter of this importance to all residents.

— Daniel B. Jeffs, Apple Valley

Source: Daily Press