Get the Facts


Don’t be fooled by expensive commercials, ads, and mailers! Liberty Utilities donated $200,000 AND COUNTING to a fake Taxpayer groupApple Valley Taxpayers Against Higher Rates — to mislead voters with false facts and fake news about Measure F. Liberty will say and do anything to defeat Measure F so they can keep their monopoly on our water!

Myth #1:

An Independent report was conducted by economist Dr. John Husing to analyze the fiscal impacts of Measure F.


Liberty Utilities PAID Dr. John Husing $50,000 to write this report! How can this report be independent when it was paid for by Liberty Utilities? Dr. Husing never once contacted the Town of Apple Valley staff or Councilmembers to request specific information or data on the acquisition. His figures are entirely made up and the independent report states exactly what Liberty paid Dr. Husing to conclude.

Myth #2

Measure F will raise taxes and impose new fees on Apple Valley residents.


This is a bold-faced lie. Measure F will NOT raise taxes, water rates, or fees! It is an undeniable fact that payments on any bond to pay for this water company can be made from the income generated by the existing rate base. Further, it has been shown that when you remove the profit, executive compensation and other for-profit expenses from operating the water company, current water rates can be reduced, and we are freed from the constant surcharges and rate increases approved by the California Public Utilities Commission.

Myth #3

The Town of Apple Valley will end up like Claremont, California and other cities that attempted to acquire their water company but failed.


The only comparable case to review is from Missoula, Montana where that city prevailed and gained control of the water company at a court approved fair price. Opponents no longer claim Apple Valley residents will face increased property taxes. Opponents now turn to market tested claims about lawyers, purported future water safety and references to negative studies written by Liberty consultants.

Myth #4

Greedy politicians want to get their hands on your water rights so they can raise your taxes and fees.


The Apple Valley Town Council chose to act to STOP Liberty Utilities from constantly raising rates, surcharges, and fees. For years, Apple Valley’s water rates and future have been dictated by an out of Town, global, for-profit company. Your Town Council voted unanimously to put this Measure on the ballot for your consideration. This is your opportunity to control your water rates and economic future for you, your family and Apple Valley’s Better Way of Life.

Myth #5

The California Public Utilities Commission protects ratepayers from unfair rate increases.


Another bold-faced lie. The C.P.U.C. has approved every rate increase, fee, and surcharge that Liberty has imposed on Apple Valley ratepayers. Why shouldn’t they? Every time taxes go up on Apple Valley residents the State of California adds more money to its coffers. We pay more than any of our neighboring cities for water as a result of the relationship between Liberty Utilities and the C.P.U.C. Measure F includes safeguards that guarantee Apple Valley residents will be protected from unfair rate increases.