Misplaced attentions (August 30, 2017)

Misplaced attention

Today Lance Arndt and yesterday David Christman each made strong comments that Liberty should sell immediately to the Town of Apple Valley.

I am going to assume that they do not know that Algonquin is the corporate owner and will probably be the decision maker on this transaction, not our local office.

In any event, it is disturbing to have citizens taking the position that the only reasonable response to an attack by an overreaching government is to give up.

I am also curious why are they commenting on this topic now when the Town has financial problems and maybe Puckett has a very short-term future here? There are many other things to worry about, such as the Town being broke and the Town records being neither up-to-date nor properly audited.

Instead of focussing on one of the Town’s future failures, they should be concerned with the ongoing failures that are occurring right under the noses of the Town Council.

Alvin Rice, Apple Valley, CA