‘F’ stands for failure (April 27, 2017)

Yes the water war is resurrected. The proponents of F are in letter writing campaign mode, the only thing they can say, over and over again is … “my water bill is ‘too high.’” Four letter writers and not one of them has any more to say.

Measure F, if passed, is a recipe for failure. Giving the Town $150 million dollars to buy something they do not know how to operate and in fact have no plan current plan to operate (except to say they will continue operations “as is”), promises the public NOTHING.

$150,000,000 in bonds will cost ratepayers (at current bond rates), about nine to ten million per year in interest payments. We do not pay that now.

Liberty currently pays property taxes and franchise fees to the Town budget, approximate amount $550,000. That amount will no longer be available for residents’ benefit.

The Town claims it can service the $150 million debt with savings from Liberty executive salaries and “profit,” but the Town’s numbers fail to include ANY funds for ongoing upgrades, expansion, or replacement of the water system. Liberty spends about $6 million per year in improvements, which we pay for through rates (no debt, no interest, no obligation). We have paid for current year improvements but the Town is currently prohibiting Liberty from completing them because of the eminent domain action. The Town is taking from us those improvements for which we have paid.

So look beyond the worn out whining of “my bill is too high.” Government is not more efficient and does not “do it” better. I don’t believe in obligating the community to $150 million dollars of debt so the Town can try to be a water utility.

Vote NO to failure, Vote NO on F.

— Diana J. Carloni (O’Malley), Citizens for Government Accountability, Apple Valley, CA