Good Old Boys’ Club (September 22, 2016)

Just about everyone from the Apple Valley’s Good Old Boys Club has tried to defend the indefensible actions at Town Hall, such as relying on a finance director who has repeatedly proven himself to be unreliable, and paying hundreds of millions of dollars for a water company we already have (Measure W, Daily Press, September 22, 2016).

The virtually identical non-responses from various members of The Club make it clear they are determined to squelch opposition so they can retain control … no matter what.

This includes letter writer Rick Piercy, who is a strong advocate for the free market system, but supports Measure W. His argument is that the way for capitalism (private ownership, private control) to fight fascism (private ownership, government control) is to turn to the communism (government ownership, government control). And that, folks, is exactly how you lose your freedom.

He then produces a whopper about the Founding Fathers and their view of democracy, and builds on that false premise to buttress the false claim that the Town Council represents us. The truth is they do not represent us now, and giving them monopoly control of the water company is only going to make things worse.

Along the way, this strong advocate for the free market system criticizes Liberty Utilities for engaging in the free market system in California, falsely accuses Liberty Utilities of attacking him, and then throws in a couple doses of xenophobia for good measure. Whew!

The demonstrably false and increasingly desparate claims from the Town and its small coterie of supporters reveal the depths of their turpitude and the bankruptcy of their actions.

If we voters don’t shuffle the deck this November, we’re going to keep getting dealt the same losing hands.

Greg Raven is Co-Chair of Apple Valley Citizens for Government Accountability, and is concerned about quality of life issues.