Is it fair? (October 18, 2015)

The Town of Apple Valley says they refused participating in a Chamber community forum with Ranchos Water which was intended to … educate businesses and community on the issues … to eliminate hearsay and rumors …

Why? Because they claim … it would not be fair to the company (Ranchos Water)…not appropriate … to debate prior to the EIR decision …

So I must ask, was it fair or appropriate for the town, on July 21, 2015, to run a 5″ × 5.25″ ad to inform the citizens of an EIR meeting seeking citizen input on the water acquisition, while on that same day running a 5″ × 20.75″ ad attacking Ranchos Water?

Was it fair, appropriate or legal when the Mayor, who has declared his legal conflict of interest on the issue, abstaining from voting and participating in discussions, but actively participated using his Mayoral title to participate in radio ads attacking Ranchos Water?

Was it fair, appropriate, or legal for the town to borrow $7.5 million from the sewer fund with no intent or plan to repay it, and then raise sewer rates last year, and the next four years in one action, because there were not enough funds in the sewer fund to cover the cost of providing services? Or that the Town siphons off millions annually from the sewer and trash funds to the General Fund? BUT, the town NEEDS you to believe your money is safe with them and protected by Prop. 218.

Clearly the town’s actions speak much louder than their lip service conveys.

— Leane Lee, Apple Valley