Thank you, water wasters! (August 2, 2015)

Water bills are going out in Apple Valley and there is no mistaking who attended the Ranchos Water Company meeting on conservation and drought measures. Those now having coronaries over water bills either failed to avail themselves of the information, or made a decision to ignore it. Like the few people sitting near me during the meeting who said they did not care and would pay whatever it cost to water their lawns.

We have seen those green lawns and know who the people are. Initially I was miffed, but harkened back to the meeting, when Ranchos stated, simple enough for a child to understand, those who ignored the conservation demands by the State of California, not Ranchos, they would pay high surcharges which would ultimately be savings for those conserving. So, thank you water abusers for saving me on my very small water bill.

Perhaps complaints should be directed at the enforcement authority, Town of Apple Valley, who, if they had the best interest of the citizens in mind, would have warned the water abusers what would happen. But alas I realized that would not be in keeping with the Town tactics, to incite ratepayers with misinformation and the omission of information because they still need to fill their quota to meet the alleged mandate to take the company by eminent domain. So, thank you too, for leaving the uninformed to help offset my water costs.

Here is a crazy idea, if your water bill is crazy expensive, maybe you are wasting water during a drought in the desert? I’m not sure but, this might explain it. Just a thought. Thanks Again!

— Leane Lee, Apple Valley, CA

Published: Press Dispatch